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President: Marcel Miller, NQA Certified Judge
Email Marcel: 

My quilting style has evolved over the years. When I first started quilting I was very much in love with vintage quilts. I wanted to replicate all of my favorite designs and patterns into quilts of my own. As my quilting skills developed my quilting style changed directions. I started with modifying existing patterns to creating my own work. Today my quilts are my own creation and generally incorporate the quilting techniques such as surface design, machine quilting, and collage.

Sharing and giving back is second nature for most quilters. NQA’s members are well known for that aspect of quilting. As President of NQA I am proud of NQA’s programs; specifically the Grant program, Certified Teachers and Certified Judges programs. These programs support the mission of NQA which is to promote the art and craft of quiltmaking while encouraging excellence and preserving self-expression. As a NQA Certified Judge I can personally attest to the impact these programs have in fulfilling NQA’s mission.

Professionally I practiced as Certified Occupational Health Nurse and Medical Case Manager. These experiences help me to set priorities, establish goals, and develop plans for NQA’s future growth and sustainability. It is my honor to serve the members of NQA. I believe the accomplishments of any organization can be traced to the combined efforts of everyone involved.


Vice President: Margaret Powers
Email Margaret:

I learned to sew as a teenager, making clothes to stretch my allowance.  It wasn’t until the grandchildren started arriving that I started making quilts.  My baby quilts used patterns with straight line sewing – much simpler than setting in a sleeve!  Friends introduced me to the world of quilt shows and I was hooked.  Grandkids graduating from college was the impetus for making bed quilts and that led to the purchase of a longarm so that I could more easily quilt my own quilts.  I love the entire process – selecting fabrics, quilt block patterns, cutting, sewing and machine quilting.  I’ve also fallen in love with quilt shows – the ideas and inspiration, the classes where I’ve picked up new techniques (knowing how to set in a sleeve helps make curved seams a breeze!), and the quilters I’ve met through the years.  I’m currently enrolled in NQA’s Judges Certification Program and am learning about so much more that goes into quilt design and construction techniques.

When not quilting, I’m the Executive Director of the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic.  The Philharmonic not only has an orchestra that plays a wonderful mix of classical and popular music, we also have an educational program that offers music-making and educational opportunities to children from pre-school through high school.  We have a Youth Orchestra and Children’s Choir, run summer music camps, offer strings classes in our schools and hold a special concert geared toward 3rd and 4th graders.  Singing in my church choir and playing in our bell choir helps me stay grounded.

The mission of NQA to promote the art and craft of quilting with an emphasis on education speaks volumes to me.  It is through education that minds are opened to new experiences and growth.  I’m privileged to be part of a team that is working to build on NQA’s past for a bright future.


Secretary: Priscilla Godfrey
Email Priscilla:

I was born in Westchester County, New York and moved when I was eight to upstate Cortland, New York.  I was a Girl Scout and a Y-teen as a teenager.  I graduated from Muskingum College in southeastern Ohio and settled in Washington, D. C., working as a legal secretary for a New York law firm.  I stopped work in 1979 as we moved to the outer reaches of Loudoun County and started our family.  While raising my three children, quilting was the perfect portable hobby and I joined the National Quilting Association in 1978.   I became a certified judge in 1986; judged the 1987 Annual Show in Little Rock; served as Certified Quilt Judge Quarterly editor for four years followed by Certified Judges Committee Coordinator in 1991.  From 2004 to 2011 I served as local representative to the Loudoun County School Board.  I am excited that now I can return to helping with the show judging which I used to do every year.  Design and hand-piecing is my favorite part of quilting.  And I have moved to displaying and selling landscape wall hangings in a local art gallery.


Treasurer: Mary Lou Paoletti
Email Mary Lou:

My childhood was filled with women working with fiber, a great-grandmother with her basket of scraps, grandmothers mending torn playclothes and knitting sweaters and mittens, and my mom making most of our dresses and home dec items.  Sewing and other fiber arts including weaving, spinning and knitting have long been part of my away-from-work activities.  Quilting became a new passion when I joined a quilting circle at my church in 2002.  The friendships with fellow quilters and opportunities to explore the worlds of traditional, art and modern quilting drew me to memberships in the National Quilting Association and three quilt guilds.  A desire to pay forward keeps me actively serving in my local guilds.  As a Certified Public Accountant and management consultant I am excited to bring my work experience toward developing the future direction of NQA.

My husband, Karl and I enjoy sharing our homes in Ohio and the Florida Keys with our two pugs, Ling Ling and Oddie and Siamese cat, Mignon.  As time permits we like to travel to visit our children and grandchildren scattered throughout the United States.


Chapter Services Chair: Heather Tighe
Email Heather:

My journey began in 1971 when I took an adult education class in quilting.  Since that time, I have been involved in all facets of quilt making and have won numerous awards.  I owned and operated a first class quilt shop in Wilmington, North Carolina and presently own and operate my longarm quilting company.  I enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge in quilt making and became a National Quilting Association Certified Teacher and teach all levels of quilt making.  When I am not behind either my domestic sewing machine or longarm, I enjoy cooking and gardening.  My house will not win any best kept house award, in fact, I keep my vacuum cleaner nearby.  When someone stops by, the vacuum gives the impression that I was cleaning and they usually will not stay long.  Then I can get back to the important things in life – like quilting!


Education Chair: 
Email :

Sandra Dorrbecker has been a quilt professional since 1989. She received her National Quilting Association certification for Teaching, 1990; Judging, 1994; Masterpiece Quilt Judge, 2014. She has judged over 143 events; given 21 lectures on Judging; 161 quilt related lectures and workshops in 87 venues on local, regional and national levels. She has worked for Quilting International as a technical editor and writer; served as Consumer Service writing for the NQA for 4 years; RJR Fabrics for 7 years, Sandra is an award winning quilter in both hand and machine work. Her garments and quilts have traveled and won many awards.

Grant Chair: Margie Engel
Email Margie:

Florida resident and longtime NQA member, Margie Engel is a passionate quilter, enthusiastic teacher (IPQA’s 2009 Teacher of the Year), and author of three books including Bodacious Applique a la Carte and Some Assembly Required which explores design ideas and mixed technique quilts. Her quilts have won numerous awards and have been shown regionally and nationally. Some of her quilts became patterns and were published in The Quilting Quarterly. She publishes other original patterns which are available on her website, 

This journalism major also writes grants, so it is a natural step for her to be the NQA Grant Chair. Margie is very active in her community as founder and president of a group of volunteers who teach quilting to children in schools, organizations, and summer camps. She organizes special events for teaching quilting in the community, and day-long community “quilt-ins” for the purpose of making quilts for homeless children in her area. Since 2011, she has delivered 1,000 quilts to homeless children in her county. 
Several service recognitions have been given Margie – the national Jefferson Award, the Brevard County Award of Excellence, and Above & Beyond Awards from Seaside Piecemakers Quilt Guild. Margie’s love of sewing began at age 5 when her mother put a needle in her hand and taught her to embroider. One of her first gifts from her husband, John, was a sewing machine. 

Certified Judges Coordinator:
Pat Harrison Email Pat:

I've been a member of NQA since 2005 and am a Certified Master Judge, teacher, author, lecturer, designer, and award-winning longarm quilter. I'm a retired school librarian and teacher, and have been longarm quilting for myself and customers since 1999. I've won numerous awards for my quilts at local, regional and international shows including Paducah and as a finalist at IQF - Houston. I enjoy all aspects of quilting, especially all those little gadgets and tips that make quilting more successful and fun. I also enjoy designing quilts using EQ7, as well as designing my own patterns, which have been featured in quilting magazines and in the media. I live in rural Rhode Island with my very supportive retired mechanical engineer husband and our two Westies, and enjoy visiting with our two adult daughters and grands Sophia and Brandon.

Certified Teachers Coordinator: 
Judy Wilhelm Email Judy:


My love affair with needles, thread, and fabric began when I was a very little girl. My mother showed me how to sew and embroider and this instantly became one of my favorite things to do. I sewed for my dolls and loved to embroider the simple pre-stamped squares from the 5 and 10-cent store.
My Mother and Grandmothers were lifelong sewers, but there was no quiltmaking tradition in my family. Meanwhile, I began to notice quilts in stories and magazines and longed to make quilts. When I finally took an adult Education Quilting course as the mother of three little boys, I made the joyful discovery that making quilts was easier and more fun than making clothes. I very happily left all other needlework behind and devoted myself to quiltmaking alone. As my boys grew, I found the time to begin teaching beginner quiltmaking classes at the local Adult Ed. 
After more than 20 years of teaching, (with more to come!), I have a large local following and teach 8 classes a week during the Spring and Autumn seasons. It is what I do, and largely, who I am. I really thrive in the company of my quilting students and still get excited about each and every quilt they make.
Becoming an NQA Certified Teacher in 2008 was a huge accomplishment for me. The process of becoming certified made me the focused, prepared, and confident teacher I am today. I have had the honor of being nominated by my students for the ‘Certified Teacher of the Year’ award, and was on cloud nine when I received the news that I was to be named CT of the Year in 2013. 
The NQA has served me most wonderfully, and I am determined to do my best as the Certified Teachers Coordinator.
My hubby, Bob and I live on Long Island, NY, with our boys and our sweet, happy rescued Pitbull, Beau. Gardening, reading and antique collecting are some of my interests and I keep myself sharp with daily doses of NPR, PBS and the BBC.

Master Quilter Coordinator: Diane (De) Leclair 
Email Diane:

Diane (De) Leclair is an avid appliqué artist who has been crafting quilts since 1981. Her quilts feature the colors of nature and showcase her love for appliqué. Her work has appeared and won numerous awards at local, regional and national quilt shows including six Best of Show Awards and five Viewer’s Choice Awards. She is the recipient of the distinguished Masterpiece Quilt Designation awarded by the National Quilt Association for Coeur du Vigne in June 2006.

Love for the needle arts serves her well as a way to relax from her hectic full time job as Orthopedic Coordinator in a busy San Antonio Operating Room. “I love nursing, however quilting allows me a wonderful creative outlet, a way to relax and reflect on my busy day!”  De pursued judging quilts in 1988 and obtained her Judging Certification by the National Quilting Association in 2002. She qualified to judge masterpiece quilts in 2005.   “I look forward to promoting the Master Quilt Program and encourage nominations of outstanding quilts.”   

De, originally from Maine, is married and residing in San Antonio, TX.  She is married and has two grown sons.


Communications Chair: Mary Ann Guidos
Email Mary Ann:

In July 2013 I retired from a long career in Education. It included wonderful experiences teaching children and providing staff development opportunities for teaching staff both face to face and online. Most of these years involved technology education.

Several years ago, as I prepared for retirement, I returned to a previous love, sewing. But this time I decided to quilt rather than make garments. I continue striving to develop my skill particularly in creating small pieces that I can quilt by machine.

I see my position as Communications Chair as a unique blend of my professional experiences and my interest in quilting. I’m anxious to share what I know and learn much more!

I have been married to my husband Bob for 47 years. We have a daughter Becky and three beautiful grandchildren. Bob and I enjoy being with them as much as possible as well as spending summers on our boat, the Playing Hooky.


Editor, The Quilting Quarterly: Barbara Polston
Email Barbara:

Barbara Polston is award-winning quiltmaker, author and designer. Her awards include Best of Show, Best Miniature, and Best Amateur Machine Quilting.

Barbara is the Editor of The Quilting Quarterly, the Journal of The National Quilting Association. Prior to this, she was a Contributing Editor for American Quilter, the magazine of the American Quilter’s Society. She is a syndicated columnist writing for The Country Register family of newspapers and her column, “Piecing Life Together” is carried across the United States and Canada.

Barbara has served on the Boards of Directors of Arizona Quilters Guild, The National Quilting Association, and The Association of Pacific West Quilters. In 2007, she founded  the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame and was inducted in September 2013.   

Many of her current quilts incorporate painted elements and vintage doilies. Barbara offers a wide variety of lectures and classes and has taught and lectured at national venues. 

Barbara, a Chicago-area native, has lived in Phoenix, Arizona for over 25 years. She shares daily life with her youngest daughter, two cats, Puppy Brian, and lots and lots of beautiful fabric.


National Quilting Day Coordinator: Freda Jones
Email Freda:

Freda lives in Ocala Florida with Webster, her quilt inspecting cat (all cat moms can relate).  She has been a member of NQA since 2006, and in 2013 volunteered to be the National Quilting Day Coordinator.  As a young 4-H member, she started sewing when she was nine and then went on to learn to knit, crochet, macramé and in 1985 took the first quilting class.  Her quilting needles haven’t stopped since the first class.  She has shown quilts at the national, state, and local level and has held several positions within her local guild, including Quilt Show Director.   Freda retired from the Navy Nurse Corps in 1993, after serving on active and reserve duty. Her professional focus was in Maternal-Child Health and she was a clinical specialist in Neonatal Intensive Care. She was born and raised in Montana, and received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Montana State University.  After making quilts for all the beds in the family, Freda has turned her interest to making miniature quilts.   



Member Services Chair 
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Little Quilt Auction Coordinator 
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