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Certified Teachers Program

How to Apply

We expect applicants to have a minimum of three years experience teaching basic quiltmaking, which would include these topics (also see resumé guidelines below):

  • Fabric decisions - content, color, care
  • Tools of the trade and quilting definitions
  • Accurate cutting, piecing, and pressing
  • Piecing — hand or machine
  • Quilting — hand or machine
  • Appliqué — hand or machine
  • Sashings, borders, preparing quilt sandwich
  • Bindings, labels, hanging sleeves

To apply to the Teacher Certification Program, please make the following submissions:

1. Honeybee BlockHoney bee Block

  • The block can be any size: choice of fabrics is up to the candidate
  • Piecing and appliqué can be done by hand or machine
  • Block should not be quilted as the back will be checked
2. Teaching Resumé
  • Personal Information: Name, address, telephone, 9-digit zip code, e-mail/fax, NQA membership number
  • Describe the basic quiltmaking course you presently teach. Include: Where you teach, for whom, how many students, how many sessions, length of sessions, and how many times you have taught this course. If applicable, include information on any special class characteristics. Example: children's classes, college credit
  • Additional quiltmaking courses taught. List any additional quilt making course you teach beyond the basics. Include the skill level you expect of students
  • Other involvement in the field of quilt making. Describe any additional involvement or interest in the field of quiltmaking. Example: shop owner, collecting, research, judging, etc.
  • Quilting Affiliations. What local, regional and/or national organizations do you belong to? Indicate offices, chairmanships and/or committee positions held
  • Education. Summarize any significant education or learning experiences in the past two years that have contributed to your skill as a quilter and a quilt instructor. Example: workshops, conventions, shows, etc.
  • Recognition. List any recognition your work has received in the past five years. Example: local publicity, invitational exhibits, awards, etc.

Both the Honeybee Block and resumé will be evaluated separately by current Certified Teachers.  Upon acceptance of both, candidate will be accepted into the Certified Teacher Program.

3.  Check for $100 and your preference for receiving "Teaching Basic Quiltmaking"  either looseleaf notebook or CD

Send your completed application packet to:

National Quilting Association, Inc.
ATTN: Certified Teacher's Program
P. O. Box 12190
Columbus, OH 43212-0190