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What to Expect

Following official admission to the Certified Teacher Program, a volunteer mentor (a previously Certified Teacher) will be assigned to you. Your mentor will maintain your file and be your adviser until you complete the certification process.

You'll receive a copy of the handbook "Teaching Basic Quiltmaking" published by NQA. You'll also receive a list of the general requirements needed for program completion.  Common Thoughts, the Certified Teachers' newsletter, is also available to active candidates enrolled in the Program. (This may be requested by the candidate of the mentor.)

The certification process involves three separate steps: 

  • Submission of your teaching resumé, teaching objectives, course outline and lesson plans to your mentor, who will review them for completeness.
  • Submission  of samples and descriptions of your own work, as well as examples of your teaching aids, also sent to the mentor for review.
  • A personal meeting, quilt sample examination, and brief teaching demonstration observed by three volunteer members (also CT's) of a Certification Panel who will evaluate your qualifications.  This generally takes place at the NQA Annual Show.  (Alternate forms of evaluation may be arranged if necessary.)

Most candidates complete the first two steps within two years of beginning the program. These two steps must be successfully completed before a Step III panel session may be scheduled.

Candidates are notified of the final Panel results usually within three weeks of the meeting date.  Comments and evaluation sheets from Panel members are included.

How to Apply

Time Extensions

Although most candidates complete the first two requirements within two years of acceptance, the NQA recognizes that this may not be possible for all.
If the first two steps have not been completed within three years of being accepted into the program, you will be required to renew your candidacy by paying a renewal fee of $65. This will extend the deadline for completion by two years.
If the first two steps have been completed by the end of the extension period (five years after acceptance) but you have not completed the evaluation by the Certification Panel, you may extend your candidacy for an additional three years (eight years from date of acceptance) by paying a renewal fee of $25.