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Greenville, South Carolina



Foothills Piecemakers Quilting Guild of Greenville, SC, celebrated 30 years of quilting in May of 2013.  We are very proud to be an enduring guild with vision for the future and a desire to welcome all who wish to share a love of quilting.  Membership is currently 149 people, and there is always room for more!

In the words of our past president, Tony Figurilli, “The Foothills Piecemakers Quilting Guild is a very diverse group of quilters.  The diversity is enhanced by an emphasis on education.  This is achieved through an outstanding program of speakers who inspire and encourage our members to challenge themselves.  A wide range of workshops are offered to assist in developing individual skills.  The guild also has an outstanding library with a broad range of materials to meet the needs of all ability levels.  Our members often share their ideas and techniques giving the guild a sense of community.  We are also involved in philanthropic endeavors making quilts for a number of agencies to assist those in need.  There are many opportunities to participate in guild activities such as Block of the Month, Round Robin, Secret Quilters, Mystery Quilt, Quilts of Valor, a biennial quilt show and a yearly challenge.”

At this time, plans are underway to celebrate National Quilt Day on March 15, 2014.  The public is invited to observe demonstrations while quilters piece and quilt projects.  The art and history of quilting will be shared with young and old alike and maybe a story or two as well.  Our guild members are also busy preparing for the biennial quilt show on March 28 and 29, 2014.”

To learn more about Foothills Piecemakers Quilting Guild go to our website