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29901 Introduction to Judging 2-day Class

Taught by Klaudeen Hansen and Anita Shackelford

Skill Level:  All Levels

This 14-hour seminar presents an in-depth study of the judging process, including duties and responsibilities, ethics, specific criteria for evaluation workmanship and design, defining categories, and awards.  Comment sheets, contracts, and other paperwork will be discussed, as well as the role of aides and scribes.  This seminar will provide important information for those interested in judging, sponsoring, or working behind the scenes of a judged show.

Please note: This seminar is an education workshop separate from the NQA Judges’ Certification Program.  Although the seminar provides valuable information to those who plan to pursue certification, NQA Judge’s credentials are not earned with completion of this seminar nor is it required for certification.

Students should bring to the Judging Seminar class the following supplies: Notebook & pencil; current resume, including any quilt-related teaching or judging experience.  Please bring a large and a small quilted pieces (wall hangings or garments) to be used in a mock judging situation.   Suggest that you bring quilts that you know are less than perfect as the best learning experience.

$12 hand-out fee, payable to teacher in class

Supply List