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The National Quilting Association, Inc. * 45th Annual Quilt Show * Columbus, Ohio * May 23-25, 2014


For Sew Batik and Going Green Entries

A separate entry form must be completed for each item entered.

  Read Quilt Entry Instructions for rules.

Make a copy for your records. Entry Deadline April 15, 2014

You will receive a copy of the form email for verification.  If you do not receive that email, your form submission was unsuccessful.

5 digits, found on your Quilting Quarterly Label.

Please check all that apply

Please attach a PHOTOGRAPH (JPEG file) of this entry for insurance/record-keeping purposes only. Professional photo not needed. Entry must be recognizable by color and pattern.  File should not exceed 4,000 KB to insure that it will load properly through this system.

Exhibited Quilts are not critiqued or judged, and are not eligible for standard awards.

 Going Green is the theme exhibit for the 2014 Annual Quilt Show.

 Sew Batik Challenge is the Sew Batik 2014 Challenge.


This question is only for those entering in the Sew Batik Challenge Exhibit.

By my submission of this form, I agree to abide by all conditions stated on this entry form and the accompanying instructions. I also grant The National Quilting Association, Inc. the right to photograph this entry for NQA files, publicity, education, and/or promotional purposes in either print or electronic media.  I give permission to have my contact information (phone and/or e-mail address only) given to professional interested parties, such as quilt magazine or calendar editors.  If provided, winning information will be shared with your local paper.