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The National Quilting Association, Inc. * 46th Annual Quilt Show * Little Rock, AR * June 18-20, 2015



A separate entry form must be completed for each item entered.

  A copy will be emailed to you for your records. 

Your Little Quilt must arrive no later than May 25, 2015.

5 digits, found on your Quilting Quarterly Label.

I understand that NQA, as a nonprofit association, has opportunities to raise funds for the organization’s goals and purposes, and these opportunities can involve use of the images of the quilts in the NQA Little Quilt Auction. I agree to permit the image of my quilt to be used in articles, promotions, websites, CDs, and/or multi-media productions for and about NQA. I understand, where possible, my quilt will be fully credited as my work in such instances, but there will be no compensation paid to me for any such use. My Little Quilt entry is a donation to the NQA for the annual Little Quilt Auction and I cannot specify a reserve amount be placed on my donation. Submitting this form electronically serves as my signature.

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