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Quilter's Crossing Quilt Guild

Palm Harbor, FL  

Quilter’s Crossing was established in 1985 and strives to encourage high standards of design and stimulate interest in quilting arts.  We currently have 75 full members and 10 associate members (part-time members).  The guild has an activity each Wednesday of the month; business meeting, workshop, education and sit and sews. 

For 2014, our guild challenge was Quilter’s Crossing meets Paradise Quilters on the High Seas.  One of our members formerly lived in the Caribbean and belonged to a guild that joined us for this challenge.  The entries hung in the Oldsmar City Hall for February and March, 2014.  The city hall has informed us that they also want to display our 2016 challenge.  During this challenge, a wall quilt was made specifically for the city hall and was presented to the mayor of Oldsmar at a City Council meeting.

2013 and 2014 National Quilt Day events were open to the public to make quilts for Athena House, a homeless shelter for female veterans, and Pinellas County Sheriff’s Advocacy.  Our other philanthropic projects include:

  • FEAST, a local food bank
  • Kimberly House, Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Neonatal blankets for local hospitals
  • Salvation Army

Our guild has two specialty groups, Small Wonders for exploring fiber arts and EQ7.  The EQ7 group designed the opportunity quilt for the 14th Biennial Quilt Show for 2015.  The quilt show is scheduled for January 30-31, 2015.

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