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Julie Aycock 

Sneads Ferry, North Carolina

I have been quilting for a little over 13 years and I have made several hundred quilts.  I started off mostly quilting for family, friends and charity work.  I have given away hundreds of baby blankets to Military families over the last 10 years.  I found that although I love to make quilts, I am enjoying stepping out of the box and trying new techniques and designing my own quilts.  From dyeing fabrics and utilizing other fibers to creating unique “memory” quilts from clothing.

I currently run a custom quilt and fiber art business, I am an active member of my local guilds as well as NQA and AQS. I am passionate about teaching and love to share the joy of quilting and the pride of accomplishment when they have finished their quilt.  I love to make people happy with custom quilts.  It never stops amazing me the joy that a quilt can bring.  I have done several now that are from the clothes of a loved one that has passed, and while it is harder and more time consuming to use these fabrics, the look on their faces and the emotions that are evoked upon completion is not only gratifying  but also humbling.   

I love to share quilting with as many people as I can. My favorite ways to do this are by participating in quilt shows, guest-speaking to other guilds, and making charity quilts. Military families are near and dear to my heart and I enjoy working with and for them which results in a lot of hero quilts, home of the brave quilts, Project Linus blankets, turtle pillows and quilts for children of domestic violence, as well as flannel blankets for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my quilts.  From traditional to art quilts, I am addicted to quilting!

If you would like more information, please contact Julie at

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