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The National Quilting Association Grant Program
The deadline for submitting a grant application for 2015 has passed!


Through its annual grant program, NQA provides financial support for projects that further its mission to promote the art, craft, and legacy of quilt making, encouraging high standards through education, preservation, and philanthropic endeavors.

The grant program welcomes applications for projects and activities that include one or both of the following:

• Education about the art, history, and/or traditions and techniques of quilt making

• Outreach to the community through the art of quilt making


Grant Program Funding

The Grant Program is funded through the proceeds of the annual Little Quilt Auction for

which small quilts are donated from quilters across the country. Additional support

comes from designated donations.


Total Awards/Average Grant Size

Available grant funds fluctuate each year. The total amount awarded in recent years has

been $8,000 - $10,000, with an average of 5 grant recipients per year and awards

ranging from $100 to $3,000.


Application Deadline: October 15, 2015.


Award Announcements: January 2016



Funds are not awarded for

  • personal travel or mileage reimbursement, salary or direct income to an individual, or for profit making entities
  • items whose ownership will benefit an individual rather than a group
  • software, computers, office space, administrative expenses or projects outside the USA
  • establishing or maintaining a website.


Click here for Submission Requirements and Application

The deadline for submitting a grant application for 2015 has passed!


QUESTIONS? Applicants with questions about the NQA Grant Program, the fit of their

project to the interests of NQA, or application procedures are encouraged to contact the

Grant Coordinator at