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Grants Program

About the Program

The National Quilting Association, Inc., through its annual grant program, provides financial support for organizations and individuals whose projects fall within the following areas:

  • Education of quiltmakers.
  • Outreach to the community through the art of quiltmaking.

Funds are not awarded for:

  • Personal travel or mileage reimbursement.
  • Salary or direct income to an individual. 
  • The purchase of capital items whose ownership will benefit an individual rather than a group.

The NQA Grant Program is funded through the proceeds of the Little Quilt Auction held each year in conjunction with the National Quilting Association's annual quilt show. Additional support comes from donations to the National Quilting Association designated for the grant program. Available grant funds fluctuate each year depending upon the success of these fundraising efforts. Applicants with questions about the NQA Grant Program, the fit of their project to the interests of NQA, or application procedures are encouraged to contact the Grants Coordinator.

Congratulations 2014 NQA Grant Winners! 

Snake River Valley Quilt Guild, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Project: a 3-day Quilt Carnival to which youth organizations throughout the Snake River valley area  will be invited. Projected activities will take place during their quilt show and will comprise of (1) an  overview of quilt making (2) five hands-on learning centers for quilt skills (3) guided tour of the quilt  show (4) structured scavenger hunt designed to apply the knowledge participants have gained abou the art, techniques, and history of quilting.

Remus Area Historical Society, Remus, Michigan

Project: the establishment of a quilt block trail to include structural quilt designs varying in size  which will be produced by youth and adults. The painted quilt boards will reflect local traditions, culture, and history. A trail map will be available as a brochure and online, showing the locations.

Tree City Quilters’ Guild, Wooster, Ohio

Project: a 3-day quilt workshop for middle school students. Students will produce personal quilts,  participate in a show and tell event for the guild, and exhibit their quilts at the guild’s quilt show.

EduQuilters, Satellite Beach, Florida

Project: (1) the expansion of a children’s summer quilt camp, (2) an ongoing community event at  which quilters gather during the summer months and make quilts for the homeless children in the  county, and (3) to host a community quilt education conference with classes, demonstrations, children’s  hands-on sewing activities, and a show of small quilts.

The Town of Bluefield Virginia’s Patchwork Quilters

Project: a city-sponsored Quilt Jamboree which focuses a quilt show and classes and includes local musicians and craftspersons. The city is funding a portion of the activity, which has expanded since its beginning in 2012.

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