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Grants Program

How to Apply

The purpose of the Grant Program of The National Quilting Association, Inc. is to encourage organizations, institutions, chapters, and individuals to pursue and further the art of quiltmaking through education, research, craftsmanship, and documentation.

Please download the application form here. PDF

NQA GRANT APPLICATION Submission Requirements

  • We require two separate letters of recommendation. Please make sure that these letters address the project for which you are applying and the qualifications of the project leaders.
  • We require six copies (one original and five duplicates) of the complete application, including all attachments. Failure to supply the correct number of copies will result in elimination. This has happened and we had to disqualify an application.
  • Please do not send video tapes, DVDs, CDs or other media. These cannot be returned and will not be reviewed.

SUBMISSION: Submissions are accepted through the U.S. Mail (preferred) or overnight delivery services. NQA will not accept proposals via FAX or e-mail.

There is no need to submit a separate cover letter; however, please respect your reviewers and collate copies as indicated below.

Application Checklist (Six copies - collated as follows)

  • Cover sheet
  • Part I, Financial Status, completed and signed
  • Part II, Contract Compliance, completed and signed
  • Part III, Project Narrative
  • Part IV, Budget Form
  • Attachments, collated as follows:
    • IRS Determination Letter
    • Resumé'(s) of key project leader(s)
    • Two Letters of Recommendation

Applicant is encouraged to make a copy of the completed application for her/his files.


Mail completed application to:

NQA Grant Program P.O. Box 12190 Columbus, OH 43212-0190

For overnight deliveries:


1890 Northwest Blvd., Suite 120 Columbus, OH 43212


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