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NQA Masterpiece Quilt Program

About the Program

The National Quilting Association, Inc. established the Masterpiece Quilt Program to award formal recognition to Masterpiece quilts. A Masterpiece Quilt is defined as a work which reflects a consummate level of skill in design, workmanship, and quilting. 


 Statement of Purpose

• Recognize quilts which exhibit a high degree of skill in workmanship, design and quilting.

• Award formal recognition to person(s) who have mastered the skills of quilt making.

• Define Masterpiece qualities that quilters can use to evaluate their work.

• Encourage quilt makers to strive to improve their workmanship and design skills.

• Inform members and others of this honor given to a quilt maker. 


List of NQA Masterpiece Quilt Award Recipients  

Criteria for Applying

To become a candidate for the Masterpiece Quilt Award, you must submit a quilt for Masterpiece evaluation, or your quilt can be nominated by an NQA Certified Judge. The cost to participate is $50.00 for NQA members and $75.00 for non-NQA members. There is no fee if your quilt has been nominated for this honor by an NQA Certified Judge.The quilt must measure a minimum of 25 square feet and may be any technique or combination of techniques. This includes, but is not limited to, fabric selection, piecing, appliqué, marking, quilting, embellishing and finishing. Kits of any kind are not acceptable.

The quilt must have been completed in the last five years and the quilt maker must be living at the time of nomination. There is no distinction between amateur and professional, since the evaluation is not a competition. Effective 2013, the quilt may be the collaborative work of more than one person.  Applicants should have the quilt appraised and furnish a copy for the NQA files. Digital photos on a CD (files saved in jpg, bmp or tif format, 300 dpi or better), (front view, back view, and a close up to show details) should be submitted with the application. Also, include a front view digital print for identification purposes. Photos may be used for educational purposes and/or publication if a quilt is awarded Masterpiece status.

Applicants will receive a detailed critique based on the established evaluation criteria. Consensus of five NQA Certified Masterpiece Judges is required. The year a quilt achieves Master Quilt status, it is prominently displayed during the National Quilting Association Annual Quilt Show.  A quilt which is not awarded Masterpiece status cannot be resubmitted.

If you feel you have perfected your skills to their highest level and would like to submit a quilt through the application process, please download an Quilt Nomination Form (PDF) which contains specific instructions and a copy of the evaluation criteria, or request the same information packet on the Masterpiece Quilt Program by sending your name, address and a large self-addressed stamped envelope to:

The National Quilting Association, Inc.
c/o Masterpiece Quilt Award Coordinator
PO Box 12190
Columbus, OH 43212