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Masterpiece Quilts

Bouquet Royale Margaret Solomon Gunn, ME   2015
He Who Guides Me Mary Susan Buvia , IN 2015
October Sky Bethanne Nemesh, PA 2015 
Juanita's Pearl Sue Hawkes, ID 2014
Saffron Splendor Pat Holly, MI 2014
Red Letter Daze Janet Stone, KS 2012
The Loading Dock Mary S. Buvia, IN 2011
Vintage Button Bouquet Linda M. Roy, TN 2010
Tribute to Tolkien Sue McCarty, UT 2010
Spirit of Mother Earth Sharon Schamber, AZ 2008
Bella Linda McCuean, PA 2007
Nocturnal Garden Ted Storm, Netherlands 2006
Coeur du Vigne Diane Leclair, TX 2006
Flowers of the Crown Shirley Kelly, NY 2005
Birds 'n' Roses Margaret Docherty, UK 2005
Kells: Magnum Opus Zena Thorpe, CA 2003
Through a Glass Darkly: An American Memory Diane Gaudynski, WI 2002
Window in the Wall Sharon Norbutas, CA 1998
Spring's Symphony Jane Holihan, NY 1997
Conway Album Irma Gail Hatcher, AR 1995
Rail through the Rockies Debra Wagner, MN 1992
Tranquil Violets June Culvey, IL 1991
Spring Flower Basket Janice Streeter, VA 1990
Delectable Pansies Betty Ekern Suiter, WI 1989
Crown of Cerise Rose Sanders, LA 1987
Rosemaling Inspiration Linda G. Emery, KS 1987
Victorian Fantasy/Feathers & Lace Beverly Williams, MI 1987
Wintergreen Julia Needham, TN 1986
Through the Gazebo Window Caryl Bryer Fallert, IL 1986
Calendulas Donna Eddy Andrew, OR 1984
Dot's Vintage 1983 Dorothy Finley, TN 1983
Horn of Plenty Thelma Barr, VA 1980