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Our NQA membership gives us the following benefits:

  • Quilting Quarterly magazine delivered to our door four times per year
  • Monthly Newsletter – The Buzz delivered monthly to our email inbox
  • Jo-Ann VIP 10% discount with Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store® purchase
  • Liability Insurance for our NQA Chapters Quilt Guild Show
  • Information about NQA programs including the Certified Judge, Certified Teacher, Grant Program, NQACJ Merit Award, and National Quilting Day
  • Full access to online archives and Member only content
  • Member only discounted admission to NQA's annual quilt show
  • Member only discount on quilt entry for NQA's annual quilt show
  • Member only discount on all classes at NQA's annual quilt show
  • Member only Free Block of the Month Pattern

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Are you a member, but not sure of your 5 digit membership number?  Email the office and include your full name, city and state, and we will email you back your membership number.  The office is staffed Monday through Thursday, so Friday and weekend requests will be handled on Monday.  Thank you for your patience and support.