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 National Teachers have been chosen

for the

2014 NQA 45th Annual Quilt Show!

We are pleased and excited to announce the chosen teachers for your 2014 Workshops.  Here they are:

Barbara A Arnold Kathie Beltz  Sandi Blackwell                
Cindy Casciato  Karen C Conley Dena Dale Crain
Constance Davidson Sandra Dorrbecker           Barbara J. Eikmeier
Linda J. Hahn  Sandy Heminger Shirley Higginbotham
 Mary Huey  Kathy Kansier Debra S Lee
Toby Lischko Cyndi McChesney  Nancy McNally
RaNae Merrill Karen Novak Linda M. Poole
Mary Donatelli Schmitt        Linda Scholten Christine Schultz
Pam Seip Shannon Shirley Helen Squire
Donna Lynn Thomas Heather G. Tighe Holice Turnbow
Nelly Vileikis Susan Zellers


Team Teaching by: 

Barbara Eikmeier and Donna Lynn Thomas               

Beverly Fine and Andi Perejda

Klaudeen Hansen and Anita Shackelford

 Lisa Wolfe and Debbie Frazier


Check out the pictures and biographies presented by each just by clicking their name or scrolling down.

Barbara A Arnold

Barbara Arnold Headshot

Since the age of nine, Barbara Arnold has had a needle of some kind in her hand. Quilting took over about 20 years ago and hasn’t let up yet!  Like many of us, she started out slow but what began as something to do with her Mom and sisters has become a very rewarding profession. Barbara has been teaching quiltmaking since 1996 and completed her journey in 2003 to become a Certified Teacher through the National Quilting Association. Barbara was honored to be the NQA Teacher of the Year for 2010. She has taught classes, lectured and judged on Long Island, throughout New England, and in Ohio. As a teacher, Barbara hopes to inspire your creativity and encourage you to have fun along your quilting journeys.

Classes Offered: Beyond the Quilt: Teaching Quiltmaking  Friday, May 23, All Day.
Hand Quilting for Beginners and Others  Friday, May 23, 6pm 
Homespun                                                  Saturday, May 24, All Day
                              Hand Applique for beginners                    Sunday, May 25, Morning

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Kathie Beltz

Kathie Beltz Headshot

Kathie Beltz is totally addicted to quilting, and enjoys associating with other quilters who are equally addicted.  She has been quilting since 1995, teaching since 2004, and judging quilts since 2007.

Her quilts have won numerous awards around the country.  As an award-winning quilter, Kathie lectures and teaches workshops at guilds and in quilt shops.  She especially enjoys teaching beginners and tries to plan her classes so that the student will go home with a finished (or mostly finished) project. 

For more information on workshops, lectures, or judging, Kathie can be reached at:

Classes Offered: Fanfare                                                        Friday, May 23, All Day
                              Migrating Geese and Cobblestones        Saturday, May 24, All Day
                              Make Magic Blocks with the Quilter's Magic Wand
                                                                                                    Sunday, May 25, Morning
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Sandi Blackwell

Sandi Blackwell Headshot

Sandi Blackwell is a West Virginian and has been a home sewer for most of her life.  She started quilting in 1992 and has since received numerous awards for her quilted works. In 1996 she began her own custom-order quilt business named “Stitched Buy”.   Her work is sold at Tamarack, Wheeling Artisan Center, and other West Virginia artisan locations.  Her work has also been displayed or sold all over the United States, Europe, South America and Asia.

Sandi has had several patterns published in quilt magazines and has designed and published her own line of patterns.  She was selected, as a representative of Ohio County to create the quilt block for the West Virginia's 150th Birthday Quilt in June 2013.  She has also been selected as one of the quilt designers for the “Quilted In Honor” program, which will be launched nationwide in late 2013.

Sandi is the author of a series of quilting books.  She tours both nationally and internationally teaching and lecturing on her technique and books. Her newest endeavor is being a quilt educator on quilt cruises and quilt tours.

Sandi resides in Wheeling, West Virginia with her supportive husband of 39 years. She can be reached at

You can find out more about Sandi at her website:

Or check on Sandi via Facebook :

Classes Offered: X's and O's                                                  Friday, May 23, Morning
                              Just Charming                                             Friday, May 23, Evening
                              Raspberry Swirl-A square-agonals Design
                                                                                                    Saturday, May 24, Morning
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Cindy Casciato

Cindy Casciato Headshot 

Cindy Casciato is a teacher, designer, author and most importantly, a quilter with over 28 years of experience teaching quilting and related topics to numerous guilds and organizations.  She is author of three current publications, Block ExplosionOne Stitch Quilting, and Stash with Splash. Her latest book features 15 quilt designs with recipes of how to combine your stash and add the splash with newly purchased fabrics. Cindy along with hubby Drew are the founders of Quilt Escape, a quilters retreat held every November in Ohio since 1994. Cindy is always ready to share her knowledge of quilting and is excited about teaching classes from her book, “Stash with Splash”.

Contact Cindy via her email :

Classes Offered:"Behind the Seams" Tips and Tricks for the Busy Quilter
                                                                                        Friday, May 23, 3pm Lecture 

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Karen C Conley
Karen Conley Headshot


Karen Conley is a country girl, growing up on a farm in northwestern Ohio, surrounded by quilters. She still has her crib quilt plus many more made by her grandmother, her mother and now her own.


Karen graduated with a BS in Education from Ohio Northern University and taught for ten years at the elementary level.  She then became a stay-at-home mom.  She gradually combined her love of quilting with teaching.  That was over twenty-five years ago. As she was teaching, she continued taking classes. Her favorites include Jinny Beyer for her use of color and value in design and Judy Dales for creating original contemporary curved piecing designs.

In 2005, Karen invited Judy Niemeyer to her quilt shop. Fascinated by Judy’s use of color and design plus her foundation paper piecing techniques, Karen quickly started teaching Judy Niemeyer patterns.  As a Certified Instructor for Judy Niemeyer, Karen has combined her early passions – quilting, teaching and traveling.

Classes Offered: Desert Sky - A Judy Niemeyer Design    Saturday, May 24, All Day

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Dena Dale Crain
Dena Crain Headshot 

As an American, long time resident of Kenya, Dena holds advanced degrees in design and textiles. She taught seven classes for Quilt University from 2004 to 2013.  Dena has exhibited her work as a solo and commissioned quilt artist in Nairobi.  From her home in rural Africa, Dena teaches design through symmetry, innovative quilting from built-up layers of improvisation, and art quilting from sketching through quilt completion. Dena cofounded the Kenya Quilt Guild, and presented many lectures and demonstrations for the organization, as well as serving as its newsletter editor and public relations officer.  She has written articles about quilting for the KQG Snippets, Studio Art Quilt Associates’ Journal, American Quilter magazine, The Quilt Show and QuiltPosium online magazines.  She travels the world sharing her considerable knowledge and skills, encouraging everyone to gain newfound discipline and creativity as they experience and learn from her wisdom. Dena exposes every patchwork quilter to new ways of thinking about creativity and self-expression. 

On the more personal side, Dena is an amateur genealogist researching surnames Crain, Ingram, Brannon and Samples (  Her present family includes her husband, four stepchildren and three grandchildren all living elsewhere, three Dalmatians, six cats, a troop of vervet monkeys, an aquarium full of platies, and orphaned hippo Cleo, now a permanent resident of Haller Park outside Mombasa--she’s outgrown the family home!--and her partner, world-famous Owen.  Dena’s family lives two hundred miles north of Nairobi on the edge of a coffee-with-cream colored lake in an area inhabited by some of the world’s most wonderful birds, venomous snakes, monitor lizards, crocodiles, lungfish and more hippos.  Life there is never boring!

Classes Offered: Darned Quilts                                             Friday, May 23, All Day
                              World of Color                                            Friday, May 23, 6pm Lecture
                              Goodbye to the Grid                                  Saturday, May 24, All Day
                              Fuss-Free and Seamless Bindings         Sunday, May 25, Morning 

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Constance Davidson
Constance Davidson Headshot


Connie Davidson is a NQA Certified Teacher who has been quilting for over 25 years. She is Past President of the National Quilting Association and a member of many local, National and International quilting organizations.


“I love to teach quilting to beginning quilters.  They are so eager to learn and can really keep you on your toes. They ask a lot of questions so you have to keep up with all the newest trends and supplies out there.”

Classes Offered: Perfect Binding Every Time                      Friday, May 23, All Day

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Sandra Dorrbecker
Sandra Dorrbecker Headshot

Sandra L Dorrbecker resides in West Milford NJ.  She made her first quilt in 1971 and fell in love with the process.  As a former dress shop owner, she enjoys making and designing garments as well as quilts.   She has been teaching and lecturing on quilting topics since 1989.

Sandra received her National Quilting Association Certification for Teaching in 1990 and NQA Certification for Judging in 1994 and has been working nationally ever since. 

Sandra has been an active member in several quilt organizations.  Sandra's work has been seen in multiple magazines.  She has worked for two National magazines freelancing both as a technical editor and writer.  Sandra is an award winning quilter in both hand and machine work.  Her quilts and garments have traveled to trade and quilt shows all over the world.   

You can contact Sandra through her email:

Classes Offered: Clothing Inspiration                                     Friday, May 23, 10am Lecture
                              Bird & Branch - Needle-turn Applique      Friday, May 23, Evening
                              Broderie Perse By Hand Workshop         Saturday, May 24, All Day
                              Blue & White Florish                                   Sunday, May 25, Morning

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Barbara J. Eikmeier
Barbara Eikmeier Headshot

Barb Eikmeier grew up on a dairy farm in Willows, CA where she learned to sew at a young age in 4-H. She officially made her first quilt while in High School but didn’t begin to quilt seriously until after her marriage in 1984.

Married to a career army officer, quilting became her portable career as they moved around the country and to South Korea. Her classes at those military assignments were popular among both American and International students.  Barb's classes include traditional piecing techniques, quick piecing techniques, applique’ and machine quilting. For many years Barb taught children to quilt which resulted in the publication of two books on the subject.

Barb currently lives in Lansing, Kansas with her husband, Dale, (now retired from the army), and an ever changing entourage of family pets, currently two dogs and two cats. Her adult children live with many of her quilts in their own homes; Eric and his wife Brooke in California and Sarah in Florida.

Classes Offered: Back Basting Applique' - add an accent border
                                                                                                    Friday, May 23, All Day
                              Something Blue                                           Friday, May 23, Evening
                              Back Basting Applique' by machine         Saturday, May 24, Morning
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Barbara J. Eikmeier and Donna Lynn Thomas
 ThomasEikmeier Composite

Join these two, teachers and friends, as they present a joint effort lecture! 

Class Offered: Four Decades of Quilting                           Saturday, May 24, 2pm Lecture

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Beverly Fine and Andi Perejda

 Fine Perejda Composite

Beverly Fine became a dedicated quilter in 1996.  Her own original work features monoprinting (using an etching press and/or fabric marbling) as well as dye-painting and shibori techniques.  She became a National Quilting Association Certified Judge in 2003 and served as the NQA Judges Certification Program Coordinator from 2008-2012.  She wrote two chapters in the new book Guide to Judged Quilt Shows.   Her website is

Andrea (Andi) Perejda has been creating quilted works for over 20 years. She teaches hand quilting, hand appliqué, circle of illusion, arashi shibori, and dogwood design workshops.  Andi is a Certified Quilt Judge with the National Quilting Association and also a Master Quilt Judge.   

Class Offered: Critique, Not Criticism -- Building Judging Comments for the Working Quilt Judge                                                                                                                                                            Friday, May 23, All Day


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Linda J. Hahn
Linda Hahn Headshot

Linda Hahn is the author of two award winning books - New York Beauty Diversified
(AQS 2013 - Gold Medal Winner - 2013 Independent Publishers Award) and New 
York Beauty Simplified (AQS 2011 - Bronze Medal Winner 2012 Independent 
Publishers Award). Linda was named the 2009 NQA Certified Teacher of the Year. 

Linda’s classes are fun and empowering. She is known for breaking down difficult
projects into simple do-able steps. She brings her infectious passion for quilting
into the classroom! Be ready to learn a bunch and laugh a lot!

More about Linda can be found on her website:

and she can be contacted via her email:

Classes Offered: Buffalo Bubblegum                                     Friday, May 23, All Day
                              No Mark Celtic Interlaces                           Friday, May 23, Evening
                              Rock That Block!                                         Saturday, May 24, All Day
                              Don't Quit Your Day Job                             Sunday, May 25, Morning
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Sandy Heminger
Sandy Heminger Headshot


Sandy Heminger’s mother started teaching her to sew when she was about 4.  Sandy sewed whenever she could get her mother to help, and then graduated to making many of her clothes all through school.  In the 1970s, for the country’s Bicentennial, Sandy decided to teach herself quilting.  When she moved back to Akron in the 1980s, Sandy opened a wonderful quilt shop, A Piece In Time, that grew from the original 500 square feet to over 5,000 square feet when sold in 2013. 

Sandy has had the great fortune to work with and for many of the country’s most famous quilters and authors, and is honored to have her quilts published in their books.  Sandy has authored many original patterns and has several books in various stages. 

Travel is a great release and Sandy loves to teach in quilt shops, workshops and seminars all over the country.  Today, Scrap Quilts are her favorite and she is very happy to say that she has never met a scrap quilt she didn’t like!  Well, not yet at least.

Sandy can be reached via her email at:

Classes Offered: Scrap Control!                                              Friday, May 23, All Day

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Shirley Higginbotham
Shirley Higginbotham Headshot

Shirley Higginbotham is a dealer for IntelliQuilter, Art and Stitch, and Nolting longarm quilting machines. She has been longarm quilting since 2002 and entered the computerized quilting arena with the IntelliQuilter in 2006.

Shirley comes to the quilting industry from the business world, and has taught many classes in piecing, appliqué and longarm quilting, as well as IntelliQuilter. 

Shirley introduced IQ BOOTCAMP (intensive multi-day workshops) in 2010 at her studio in West Virginia.  She taught IQ classes at Milwaukee Machine Quilting Shows in 2010 and 2011 and at Innovations in 2010. 

Classes Offered: Introduction to IntelliQuilter (IQ)                 Friday, May 23, Morning
                              IQ New Cool Tools                                     Saturday, May 24, Afternoon

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Mary Huey
Mary Huey Headshot

What began for Mary Huey as a grade school interest in sewing progressed to a degree in clothing and retailing from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.   Upon graduation, Mary worked for the Ohio Cooperative Extension Service until she “retired” to raise three children with her husband, Doug.  During that “retirement” Mary became hooked on quilt making and it wasn’t long before she was teaching others to piece something wonderful.   

Her consulting work with Kings Road Imports of California during the 90’s expanded her experience as a designer and led to designing annual mystery quilt projects for her shop and the Northern Ohio Quilt Shop Hop.    In 2005, after 26 years, she closed her quilt shop to focus on teaching quilt making and other stuff like her family, gardening, and birding. 

Today, Mary teaches and lectures extensively along the southern shore of Lake Erie.   She is committed to nurturing creativity in her students, and mentoring quilt makers towards more creative confidence!  Her classes and workshops are designed to stretch students at all levels, from beginner and on, and to challenge them to step up to new levels of satisfaction in their skills. 

Classes Offered: Scrappy Tumbling Blocks                         Friday, May 23, Evening
                              6-pointed Star Sampler                             Saturday, May 24, All Day
                              Scrappy 8-pointed Stars                           Sunday, May 25, Morning 

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Kathy Kansier
Kathy Kansier Headshot

Kathy Kansier is a national quilt teacher, author, show judge and AQS Certified Appraiser. She regularly travels to quilt guilds and major quilting events to provide her services. Her workshops often fill with a waiting list. Kathy was a 2001 nominee for the Teacher of the Year Award (with the Professional Quilter Journal.)

In 2008, she was the recipient of the Jewel Pearce Patterson Award for Quilt Teachers (with Quilts Inc.) Her 2009 quilt exhibit called Making a Grand Entrance Quilt Exhibit traveled to four major shows and was featured in three quilt magazines. 

Kathy enjoys a variety of quilting techniques including fancy edge treatments, hand quilting, appliqué, beading, embroidery and working with wool. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Kathy now lives in Ozark, Missouri with her husband. They have seven grown children and are now enjoying being grandparents.

For more information about Kathy and to see photos of her award-winning quilts, visit her website

Classes Offered: Applique Tips and Techniques                  Friday, May 23, All Day
                              Colonial Welcome                                       Friday, May 23, Evening
                              Surviving the Great Depression                 Saturday, May 24, 8:30am Lecture
                              Love is in the Air                                          Saturday, May 24, Afternoon
                              The Basics of Hand Quilting                       Sunday, May 25, Morning 

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Debra S Lee
Debra Lee Headshot 

Debby Lee has been a garment sewer her whole life – until the Quilt Bug bit in 1981.  She retired from a career in Psychiatric Nursing in 1995 and opened her Longarm Quilting Business, 21st Century Longarm Machine Quilting.   

Debby is a popular teacher in Quilt Guilds and retreats in the many cities she and her husband have lived.    Her style is encouraging and laid back.  She is full of tips and tricks to make quilting making FUN and knowledgeable. 

Debby teaches piecing, Trapunto and her speciality, Machine Quilting On The Domestic Sewing Machine. 

Debby, her husband of 40 years, and 3 kittens live in Indiana.

Classes Offered: Machine Quilting on the Domestic Sewing Machine
                                                                                                     Friday, May 23, All Da
                              Dazzling Sweatshirt Jacket                        Friday, May 23, Evening
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Toby Lischko
Toby Lischko Headshot

Toby Lischko has been quilting since 1985 and teaching quilting classes/workshops since 1995.  Toby has her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and is a state certified Special Education Teacher and School Psychological Examiner. Toby retired from education in 2007.

Toby considers herself a traditional quilter who loves working with traditional quilt blocks. Her quilting specialties include foundation piecing, miniature quilts, using mirrors to enhance fabric designs, Mariner’s Compass, eight point stars, lone star, and sewing curves.  She designs her own quilts and has her own line of patterns and templates under the name of Gateway Quilts & Stuff, Inc. Toby has done commissioned work and her quilts have been published in multiple magazines and books. 

More information regarding her patterns, workshops and fee schedule are posted on Toby's website

Classes Offered: Yin and Yang                                                 Friday, May 23, All Day
                              North Star                                                      Friday, May 23, Evening
                              Unfoundation 101                                         Saturday, May 24, Morning
                              St. Louis Star                                                Saturday, May 24, Afternoon
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Cyndi McChesney
Cyndi McChesney Headshot

Cyndi McChesney has been fascinated with quilts and quiltmaking for most of her life.  In the late 1970s she enrolled in a beginning quilting class and the journey of love and passion for this time honored tradition and craft began. 

She went on to open her own quilt store in New Hampshire in the early 1980s where she taught a variety of quilting classes and made custom quilts for customers and galleries throughout the northeast.   A move to Colorado in 1983 led her to teach quilting classes for Colorado Mountain College and small quilt shops in the Rocky Mountains.  Today Cyndi is an Instructor in Residence at the First Stitches in Canon City, CO, lectures and teaches at guilds throughout Colorado, and operates her longarm business from her home studio.  

In 2011, Cyndi achieved the distinguished title of National Quilt Association Certified Teacher.  She has won awards for her quilts in the Hoffman Challenge (2010), Colorado State Fair, NQA Annual Show (2013) and in 2012 was one of three Invitational Exhibitors at Interquilt 2012 in Girona, Spain.

Cyndi’s passion for quilt making is evident in comments from her students and in her never ending quest to find new techniques and skills to share with others.

Classes Offered: Cut Loose with Reheated Leftovers         Friday, May 23, Afternoon
                              Paper Piecing Freezer Paper Style         Friday, May 23, Evening
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Nancy McNally
Nancy McNally Headshot

Nancy McNally has been a quilter for over 20 years. She teaches quilting at her local quilt shop and guild workshops. Nancy has had 31 quilts published in 6 different quilt magazines and has contributed to 5 quilting books.

Nancy has contributed to and completed two instructional quilting videos with Annie’s Publishing company. Nancy is also a longarm quilter. She teaches in group settings and private lessons.


Classes Offered: Mix'em UP                                                 Friday, May 23, Afternoon
                              Cosmic Vibrations                                    Friday, May 23, Evening
                              Friendship Rings                                       Saturday, May 24, All Day
                              Rockit with Rulers                                      Sunday, May 25, Morning 

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RaNae Merrill

RaNae Merrill Headshot

RaNae Merrill is an award-winning quilter, author and teacher. Her unique "spiral" quilts have appeared in national shows and magazines, and her two books Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts and Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts have become quilting classics.

RaNae began quilting in 1989, beginning with a half-finished, king-sized quilt her grandmother had been making for her when she died in 1976. When she found a batch of nine-patch squares in a trunk that had belonged to that grandmother, she started making baby quilts for her nieces and nephews, incorporating Grandma’s blocks into each one. 

Today RaNae designs quilts and patterns, writes quilting books and teaches workshops in the USA and abroad -- in both English and Spanish. She loves to travel!

RaNae says, "One of my students wrote to me at the end of a project and said 'I never thought I could do anything like this. You’ve changed my life.' Moments like that are when I get the greatest joy from quilting."

Classes Offered: Simply Amazing Baravelle Spirals           Friday, May 23, Morning
                              Designing A Simply Amazing Spiral Quilt 
                                                                                                    Friday, May 23, Afternoon
                              Simply Amazing Nesting Spirals  
                                                                                                    Friday, May 23, Evening
                              Magic Mirror Mandala Quilts
                                                                                                    Saturday, May 24, All Day
                              Simply Amazing Point-to-Point Spirals
                                                                                                    Sunday, May 25, Morning
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Karen Novak
Karen Novak Headshot

Karen Novak began quilting in 1983 while living in Ohio.  Karen attended various classes and lectures over the years and was a member of the Wooster Tree City Quilters, serving as president in 1995.  Her quilts and clothing won various ribbons at local quilt shows and at the Ohio State Fair.

After attending several wonderful retreats, she decided to pursue being a quiltmaking teacher.  After moving to Florida, Karen was hired in 2001 to teach at the new Jo Ann ETC store in Brandon Florida.  In 2005 Karen taught at her first quiltmaking retreat and became a certified Quilt in a Day instructor that same year.

Karen currently lives in Aiken, South Carolina where she has been employed at Creative Sewing since 2010.  She continues to teach quilting classes on a regular schedule as well as selling and training Babylock, Viking and Bernina sewing machines.  Karen has taught over 35 Quilt in a Day patterns and enjoys each and every class.

Classes Offered: Introduction to Fusible Machine Applique    Friday, May 23, Evening
                              Geese in the Garden                                      Saturday, May 24, All Day 

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Linda M. Poole

Linda Poole Headshot

When Linda Poole was a little girl, she had an insatiable desire to make things. Luckily, Linda comes from a family that understood her all too well. Her roots have been firmly planted by a talented, loving, generous European family that always put family first and strongly encouraged freedom of artistic expression. Linda has inherited the good fortune of learning from generations of artists, silversmiths, sculptors, poets, weavers, stained-glass artisans, and writers.

Linda’s whole life has always revolved around photography, writing, painting, and sewing. These interests have fueled her passion for travel, teaching, and sharing her experiences with people around the world. Linda has taught throughout the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, and Italy. Linda believes language is never a barrier in the translation of quilts. 

Linda Poole lives with her husband Ray Williams and Corgi pup Zoie near Milford, Pennsylvania, a beautiful region in the northeastern part of the state. Together they share the passion of discovering the gifts of nature while hiking trails that lead to creeks, brooks, rivers, and lakes. Ray can be found with his fishing pole in hand with Linda by his side clicking away with her camera.

Classes Offered: Little Helpers                                            Friday, May 23, Afternoon
                              Out on a Limb                                           Friday, May 23, Evening
                              Color Me Beautiful                                   Saturday, May 25, All Day
                              Dragonfly Star                                          Sunday, May 25, Morning
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Mary Donatelli Schmitt
Mary Donatelli Schmitt Headshot

Mary Donatelli Schmitt received an Associate’s degree in Textile Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Textile Development and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology located in New York City.  Later, she earned a Master of Arts degree in Clothing, Textiles, and Interiors from the University of Akron.  Her master’s thesis titled “Ohio Quilt Artists as Teachers,” is a study of the teaching styles and methodologies of several internationally-recognized quilt artists living in Ohio including Nancy Crow, David Walker, and Susan Shie. 

Part of Mary’s fashion industry experience stems from her work as an Analytical Chemist for Bayer, A.G.  While there, she was responsible for addressing customer questions and concerns about the textile dyes Bayer produced.  The work involved measuring color constancy of dyestuffs, identifying unknown dye samples, and resolving auxiliary dyeing product problems.  She also prepared dyeing formulae, known as “lab dips” to match customer-supplied samples.

Since then, Mary has pursued an education in fiber arts, and subsequently worked as a quilt artist.  She has created dozens of original art quilts made for sale, donation, and gifts.  It is this experience that led to her being invited to teach Fashion and Interior Design students at the University of Akron, Ursuline College, and Kent State University.  She has been teaching at the University level since 2001.

Classes Offered:     Fabric Properties                                   Saturday, May 24, Afternoon
                              textile EVOLUTION                                 Sunday, May 25, 9am Lecture 

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Linda Scholten
Linda Scholten Headshot

Linda Scholten is a NQA Certified Judge who has been repairing sewing machines, particularly Singer model 221 (featherweights) since 2001. 

After collecting too many sewing machines to afford paying somebody else to work on them, she took a class on sewing machine repair and has been repairing mechanical sewing machines ever since. 

For the past few years she has been teaching a class on Featherweight care at a local quilt shop, at the Bluegrass Quilt Festival in Shepherdsville, Kentucky and at Kaleidoscope of Quilts in Sylvania, Ohio.

Classes Offered: Take Care of Your Singer Featherweight!
                                                                                             Friday, May 23, Morning
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Christine Schultz
Christine Schultz Headshot

Christine Schultz has been teaching quilting for over 30 years; in her home, at shops, and for regional guilds. Currently part owner of Enchanted Mountain Quilting, Inc., Christine is the Director of Education there and also designs many of the original kits in our “Kit Café” series.

Christine received Teacher Certification from NQA in 2011 and is now helping with the program. 

Dresden Plate is one of her all-time favorite quilt patterns.

Classes Offered: Dresden Plate Table Runner             Friday, May 23, All Day
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Pam Seip
Pam Seip Headshot

Pam Seip has been a sewer since high school and a quilter since 1990.  She teaches classes and workshops for adult sewing and quilting.  In 2008, Pam became a Certified Teacher with the NQA. 

Pam operates an APQS Millennium longarm machine and finishes all her own quilts as well as those of others.  Pam has lectured at previous NQA Shows and has had two articles published in the Quilting Quarterly in 2012 and 2013. 

She lives in Batavia, Ohio, with her husband Nelson.  You can contact Pam at

Classes Offered: Quilting Tips for the Modern Quilter      Friday, May 23, 8:30am Lecture
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Klaudeen Hansen and Anita Shackelford
HansenShackelford Composite     

Klaudeen Hansen’s experience reaches far beyond just quilting. Not only is she a certified judge for the National Quilting Association and has judged competition quilts for a number of years, but Klaudeen also trains other people to be judges.

Anita Shackelford has been a quiltmaker since 1967 and began teaching traditional hand work in 1980. She is an internationally recognized teacher and lecturer who loves combining appliqué and fine hand quilting to create new quilts. 

Classes Offered: 2 day Introduction to Judging                   Friday, May 23, All Day  and
                                                                                                  Saturday, May 24, All Day 

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Shannon Shirley
Shannon Shirley Headshot

Shannon Gingrich Shirley started quilting in 1989 and has been teaching and speaking professionally since 2006. She is an award-winning quilter and enjoys sharing the knowledge she has gained over the years.

Shannon loves presenting workshops and lectures to guilds sharing her eclectic variety of quilting styles. 

Shannon can be reached at:

You can see more of her work at:

Classes Offered: Let's Get Creative with Quilt Labels         Friday, May 23, Evening
                              Celebrate the Day with Quilts                    Saturday, May 24, 10am Lecture
                              Creating Children's Artwork Quilts            Sunday, May 25, 11am Lecture

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Helen Squire
Helen Squire Headshot

An entrepreneur since 1973 when Quilt-In: Lessons•Supplies•Designs by Helen Squire was incorporated, Helen has been an active participant in the growth of the quilt industry as a designer, lecturer, teacher, and television consultant.

For the past 15 years, Helen has written Helen's Hints: Creative Quilting Designs for American Quilter magazine, and is best known for her "Dear Helen..." book series of quilting patterns.  A total of 11 books have been published.

Now retired from her position as vice-president of sales and marketing for the American Quilter's Society, Helen has relocated from Paducah, KY to Frostburg, MD, and has finally found the time to quilt!

Classes Offered: Helen's Hints for Finishing UFOs              Friday, May 23, Morning
                              Plan the Quilting THEN Choose the Fabric!
                                                                                                    Friday, May 23, Afternoon
                              Learn to Plan a Wholecloth Quilt               Saturday, May 24, All Day

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Donna Lynn Thomas
Donna Lynn Thomas Headshot

Donna Lynn Thomas has been sewing since the age of four and quilting since 1975. She began teaching in 1981, and since 1988 has been a National Quilting Association Certified Teacher for basic quiltmaking (NQACT).

While an Army wife, Donna lived in Germany for four years and taught routinely at a German quilt shop and various guilds throughout the country. Long out of the Army, the Thomases have settled in Kansas for good. Donna still teaches nationally.

The author of many books with Martingale and Company, Donna has also contributed articles on various quilt-related subjects to numerous publications over the years. She is the designer of the Omnigrip On-Point Ruler. 

Her greatest joy is her husband, Terry, and their two sons, Joe and Pete. Equally dear to her heart is Joe’s wife, Katie, and their most-perfect-in-every-way daughters, Charlotte and Alexandra. 

Donna and Terry provide staff assistance to their three cats, Max, Jack, and Skittles and a kiddie pool and ear scratches to one sunny golden retriever, Ellie. All the quilts in their house are lovingly “pre-furred”.

Classes Offered: Party Poppers                                             Friday, May 23, All Day
                              Basic Hand Piecing                                    Saturday, May 24, Morning
                              Split Geese                                                   Sunday, May 25, Morning 

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Heather G. Tighe
Heather Tighe Headshot

Heather Tighe’s first experience with quilting began in 1970 when she enrolled in an adult education class.  Since that time she has taken many classes with both local and nationally recognized quilt teachers. 

In June of 1995, Heather opened a full-service quilt shop which became recognized as a quality shop servicing local, visiting and online customers.  Heather is an award-winning quilter and has taught at quilting retreats, guilds and quilt shops.  She continues teaching both beginner and experienced quilters and presently offers machine quilting with her professional longarm quilting company.  Heather enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge with others and has become certified by the National Quilting Association as a Certified Teacher in quiltmaking. 

Heather resides in Hampstead, North Carolina with her husband Charles and enjoys cooking, gardening and time in her quilting studio.

Classes Offered: Quilted Duffel Bag                                            Saturday, May 24, All Day

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Holice Turnbow
Holice Turnbow Headshot

A Quilt Judge and Teacher Certified by the National Quilting Association, Holice Turnbow began quilting in the early 1970s when he was asked to teach needlework and quilting for a county recreational program.  Holice lectures and conducts workshops in many quilting techniques with emphasis on those subjects related to the development and use of quilting designs.  

Holice has written for various quilting magazines, appeared on Public Television, and has also filmed 6 shows on QNN representing The Stencil Co.  He is the founder and former co-curator of The Hoffman Challenge with Betty Boyink.  

Holice has designed and made garments for two invitational exhibits,  “Statements” which was sponsored by P and B Fabrics and The Fairfield Fashion Show.  He currently has a piece traveling with the exhibit “Men of Biblical Portions”.

Classes Offered: Back to Basics - Onward to the Future            Friday, May 23, 1:30pm Lecture
                              The Simple Binding (Anatomy and Construction) 
                                                                                                            Friday, May 23,  Morning
                              Go Green With Strings                                       Saturday, May 24, Afternoon
                              Rainbow Dahlia                                                  Sunday, May 25, Morning
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Nelly Vileikis
Nelly Vileikis Headshot

Nelly Vileikis has a Master of Science in Mathematics, a passion for teaching and a love for quilting.  Her love affair with quilting started in 1985 while attending graduate school at the University of Montana. 

Since Nelly was a young girl, she has enjoyed working with threads and fabric, and grew up watching her mom sew.  She has mastered many techniques and is always looking for easier and more efficient ways to construct quilts. She likes taking classes and discovering new things. 

For over ten years, Nelly has been sharing her knowledge as a freelance teacher. Nelly teaches quilt construction techniques and machine quilting for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo which takes her all over the United States.  She teaches private workshops, gives lectures and does trunk shows. Nelly designs and publishes quilting patterns and, when time permits, she quilts for others using her long-arm machine.

Nelly loves sharing her talent with her students and willingly encourages them to reach beyond what they consider their normal limits.

She continuously participates in International, National, Regional and Local quilt/art competitions and has won numerous awards.  Nelly enjoys reading, traveling and outdoor activities.  She lives with her husband in Aurora, Ohio.

Classes Offered: Tumbling Blocks - The Easy One                         Friday, May 23, Afternoon
                              Longarm Feathers and Fillers Based on a Grid
                                                                                                               Friday, May 23, Evening
                              Feathered Borders and Then Some                   Saturday, May 24, Morning
                              Easy Curves for Quilters                                       Sunday, May 25, Morning

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Lisa Wolfe and Debbie Frazier 
Lisa Wolfe and Debbie Frazier Headshot

Lisa Wolfe and Debbie Frazier own Rocking Chair Quilts, a quilt store in Butler, Missouri.  They are also Ike & Donkey Designs, a pattern designing company.  Last year they brought 'Believe', their Santa embroidered wall hanging quilt to the NQA show.  This year they will be sharing 'Life is a Beach', a beach themed embroidered quilt. 

Lisa and Debbie are sister-in-laws and have been quilting together for over 20 years.  They both come from an education background so are at home with the role of teacher.

Classes Offered: Coloring, Stitching, Quilting...Oh My!         Saturday, May 24, Afternoon

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Susan Zellers 
Susan Zellers Headshot

Using a needle and thread, Susan Zeller’s mother taught her to sew at the age of three.  She has sewn all kinds of clothing and home decorator items, and absolutely loves tackling any project with a serger.  From 1981-1999, she had a home business that specialized in bridal gowns, special occasion items and custom embroidery. 


For the past 10 years, Susan has travelled extensively across the country sharing her love of sewing with others. Her students enjoy her playful teaching style, along with her wealth of knowledge. Susan makes using a serger easy!

Classes Offered: Chevron Pillow with Piping                              Friday, May 23, Morning
                               Coco's Tote                                                      Friday, May 23, Afternoon
                               Braid In A Day Quilt on a Serger                    Saturday, May 24, All Day
                               Hole in the Wall Table Runner                         Sunday, May 25, Morning
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